Just to say, I am running this lyrics site purely for my own amusement. I don't take requests. Don't ask me to translate things, either... sooner or later when I feel more comfortable with my knowledge of Japanese I'll start posting translations, but not before!

A few notes regarding the lyrics: When transliterating, I tend to use "wo" for (not "o"), "he" for (not "e"), and "ha" for, well, (not "wa"). So don't bother telling me it's wrong. If you're using these lyrics to sing along, you can figure it out yourself. I have faith in you!

I'm also remarkably inconsistant about compound verbs. Sometimes I put spaces in and sometimes I don't! It's usually a decision based on ease of reading, though I'm trying to be more consistant about it lately. I'm far too lazy to go back and fix all the old lyrics, though.

That said, if you do find any real mistakes in the lyrics, do feel free to let me know! I love feedback, and I hate being wrong.

However, do NOT email me asking me to transliterate things. This site is for fun, meaning I do only what strikes my fancy. Also do NOT email me asking for mp3s.

I'll add more to here as I think of things... It'll probably end up as a fake FAQ.

Layout Info:
This layout is version 2.0, put up June 2, 2007. The font is Dyspepsia. I'm not completely sure where I got the grungy brushes from and I couldn't find anything after searching for a bit, so if anyone knows, please give me a heads up so I can give credit where credit is due.