Alias: emu
Age: 20 (birthdate July 31)
Occupation: Student (University of Houston)/Library Ninja
Ambitions: To become a librarian
Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, sewing, ball-jointed dolls, farting around on the computer

Pepper Stretch:

Alias: Pepper Stretch
Age: 4
Information: PS is named after a song by Yoko Kanno on the soundtrack to "Mayonaka wa Betsu no Kao" (which was a drama based off Sydney Shelton's novel The Other Side of Midnight. The site was originally created, and still is, emu's personal site to house whatever she feels like putting up. In the beginning, that was primarily writing. The site is hosted on Ishness.com, which is a domain shared by emu and her friend and soul sista Li-chan.
This layout: Every past layout for PS was black, white, and red and typically blinding to look at. For a change, this layout is based on a set of books owned by emu's parents. The font is Hoefler Text, and the background tile also comes from that font.